Getting Started
1 Create MetaMask Wallet
2 Account Setup
3 Getting NFT
4 Download & Play

Welcome to the world of Warena!

With a vision of bringing blockchain gaming to the masses, the Warena metaverse is a great way to enter the NFT game space, with personalized NFT characters and a decentralized finance zone simulating real economic systems. Start today by playing the 2D survival game and jump into the battle with Warena!
Let's learn how to set up your digital wallet, buy NFTs, and download the game.
1. Create MetaMask Wallet
2. Account Setup
3. Getting NFT
4. Download & Play
Create Your Own MetaMask

Connect the Binance Smart Chain network to MetaMask:

  • In MetaMask, select Settings from the dropdown menu.
  • Locate the Networks menu, then choose to Add a network.
  • Fill in the information as below:

  • Hit Save and you're good to go
Download & Setup
Set Up Game Account

Create an account on the Warena Official Marketplace

Your account is for logging into both the Marketplace and Warena game launcher.
Best Get 3 NFTs To Start Playing
1. Buy NFT on Warena Marketplace

Deposit WARE or RENA on MetaMask and buy NFT from the Warena Official Marketplace

2. Buy NFT On The 3rd Marketplace
Download & Play

Start play and earn with Warena on: